Rosemark Foundation

From Coop to Community

The Rosemark Foundation is a group of like minded people dedicated to the needs of the underprivileged citizen of the United States of America and the
preservation and safety of chickens.
The Rosemark Foundation creates festivals and events as well as participates in volunteer activities that match up with our core values;

Farm Fresh Cage Free eggs
Healthy and chemical free chickens and chicks
Coops, Feed and all chicken accessories and educational components.

The Rosemark Foundation is dedicated to providing farm fresh eggs to the
underprivileged and promote chicken safety and husbandry throughout the United States of America.


The objective of the foundation has three main components;

  • Create a culture of nutrition and awareness among the under privileged with the intent of creating a better mind and body. To allow all people regardless of circumstance to be healthy and fit and in turn help their self esteem and confidence.
  • Educate all people about chickens and the utility of this bird as a pet and as a great source of food. To create an avenue that people can gain advice,Procure healthy birds and be able to build a back yard flock that is safe and accommodating.
  • Change the way chickens are handled in production facilities through awareness and market share. Allow people to understand the features and benefits of cage free chickens and create a market dynamic that creates a more humane method of egg production and chicken products.